Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Worst. Movie. Ever.

I am watching a movie so terrible that I can't even turn it off. It truly might be the worst movie I have ever seen. It's called The Last Married Couple In America. Circa 1980. I'm pretty sure my 5 month old niece could have written better dialogue. I'm also reasonably certain that my mother's cat could do better acting. It's actually a miracle the that the movie industry survived after this release.

Plot: Mari and Jeff's friends are getting divorced.
Plot Twist: Mari and Jeff's friends are getting divorced
Character Development: Mari is married to Jeff. Her friends are getting divorced.
Jeff is married to Mari. His friends are getting divorced.
Random Quote: Hello Boys!!!
Hello Dad!!!
Where's Mom????
She's next door with the Squibs!!!! She said you should go!!!!
Okay, I will!!!!!

Seriously. The entire movie is full of exclamation marks that aren't necessary. And instead of acting and portraying emotion through delivering lines, body language, etc., they just tell. Mad? YELL! Sad? YELL! Happy? YELL! Confused? YELL!

Maybe I shouldn't be surprised that this was a free movie On Demand.

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