Sunday, July 06, 2008

Did that really just happen?

I am going to need a vacation from this mini vacation I've been on.

On Wednesday, Andrew took a final, came back to Canton and we packed up for our long weekend. We then drove to Quincy so Andrew could finish working and finally headed to the cape around 11pm. Thursday we did our thing and drove back up to Stoughton for Party #1. Then we went back down the cape and took part in Party #2, aka the Fourth of July. On Saturday morning we woke up, drove 3 hours north to Party #3 in Keene. Then took a tour of southwestern NH picking up the sad forgotten Shaheen signs. Took a break at Texas Roadhouse and then headed back to Falmouth. I woke up at 5am this morning and did my presentation. Tomorrow I will drive from Falmouth to Boston for my last class, and finally end up at home.

Now I want a vacation!

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Anonymous said...

...or at least a car with outrageous MPGs...