Monday, July 21, 2008

boredom and other such things

Did you ever take a nap out of sheer boredom? Yesterday we tried and tried and tried to find something to do, but the weather was just not cooperating. After breakfast, Andrew and I went to hit a bucket of balls, but it was so hot and so muggy that neither one of us even wanted to finish. (and in my case, it didn't help that there was a 4 year old who was hitting the balls better than I was). After that there was just Nothing. To. Do. It was extremely hot and muggy, but also overcast and very windy. Basically it was too hot to do anything outside except for the beach, and that was out due to the wind. Unless you like sand pelted at your face. By midafternoon I ran out of all options except go to bed. So I did. The window AC was on and I curled up under the covers for an hour. I didn't sleep though - I almost never actually fall asleep when I nap, but I still loved every second of it.

Last night I watched Ghost Busters on Hulu, Are you watching things on Hulu? Because you should be. For those of you who are unaware of its fantastic-ness, it is a joint venture between NBC and Fox. They have full length television shows and movies, along with excerpts of many more. Of course, the selections for the full length movies are not as wide as one would like, but there are still options. Last night it was perfect because the one television in the house was being used, and I didn't feel like reading another page of a book (I've done a lot of that this weekend). So I hopped on hulu from bed (if you don't have wireless, you probably won't like hulu so much) and watched the original Ghost Busters in all its early 80's glory. When you've been from one side of the internet to the other and back and you still are looking for something to do, try it.

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