Tuesday, June 03, 2008


This is my blog so I get to vent once in a while. And vent I will.

There is a particular intersection in Braintree in front of the South Shore Plaza that is a nightmare. The off ramp from 93 North goes all the way to the next intersection. WHERE THE TURN FOR DUNKIN DONUTS IS!!! So in order to take a right to go down to where they keep the magical elixir of caffeinated goodness you have to merge with the people coming off the highway. And let me tell you, those people are in no mood to let you merge into the right lane. Why? Because they came off the HIGHWAY. So clearly they have the right of way. They are the HIGHWAY PEOPLE! But I need my coffee... and I don't care about the highway people. And their refusal to let me into their lane so I can take a right. So I cut them off. Today I had someone wave at me in an angry manner. Because she apparently owns the right lane. So what was I supposed to do but slam on my brakes in front of her, wave to her in my rear view mirror and then c.r.a.w.l. to the light. While waving to her. And smiling.

You don't own the right lane!

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