Sunday, June 15, 2008


What a whirlwind weekend.

It started out Friday night in town at Jen's apartment, which happens to have a perfect roof deck for Beirut.

me, Bree, and Val

Andrew and me

Ian and Bree
Then on early Saturday morning (like 6am early) we headed to Falmouth and just made it in time to join my parents on the boat. We were really lucky that we caught them, because it turned into one of the best boat days of the season. Even though the season is only a few weeks old, I can already tell we won't get many days like that. We headed over to Vineyard Haven for breakfast at the Dog and then when we were leaving the water was just perfect. So we took a right out of the harbor and went over to Edgartown.

Andrew, en route to Edgartown
Edgartown bank- I don't know why I love this building so much, but it's one of my favorite on the island. I think because it still looks like an old fashioned bank

This pink rose was blooming in a yard of one of the really really old mansions in Edgartown, relics of when the elite families on the island were old fishing and whaling families.

a flag flying on one of the aformentioned houses . Saturday happened to be flag day and the island was full of flags.
view of Edgartown Harbor from on top of Edgartown Lighthouse.

So Saturday was pretty fun. We had some G&T's at the yacht club and there was a wedding there - we saw the bride and groom roll up and get on a boat to go take pictures in the harbor!! I'm sure those pictures came out absolutely beautiful, but she is extremely lucky that the weather was perfect yesterday. The chance that the yacht club was going to be completely fogged in was really high. Good for her though, she gambled on the weather and she totally won. I wish I found out the name of her photographer so I could stalk the website and look at the pictures when they came out!

Sunday kind of sucked for a few reasons - but I happened to be standing in my grandmother's kitchen and out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw a fish swimming in the pool. That didn't make any sense, so I investigated and found this swimming in the pool!

I have no idea how the little guy got into the pool, but I got some really cool pictures of him. My cousin scooped him out of the pool and let him mosey on his way on the grass.

It was a pretty good weekend, though I still have not made it to the beach!

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