Sunday, June 22, 2008

I should be working on my backswing

Andrew and I went up to hit a bucket of balls today. My god, I get worse every year. By the end I was at least hitting the balls, not just skimming the top and sending them rolling on the ground. I know what my problems are.... I don't plant my front foot, I don't follow through on my swing, I pull up halfway through, and god only knows what my front arm is doing. But it's fixing the problems that is proving impossible. I just need more practice, but golf ain't cheap. I run into the same problem with skiing, but honestly, skiing is easier than golf. Tiger makes it look so easy. At least he used to. And he will next year. There is nothing easy about golf! We might go play 9 next Sunday afternoon. It kills me to drop 20 and then go play and absolutely suck. I know I will not get better if I do not practice, but I just wish practicing wouldn't send me to the poor house!

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Andrew said...

just tell yourself what I always tell myself - the more times you hit the ball, the more you get for your money!!