Thursday, February 15, 2007

You're my Wonderwall

okay, let's start by me pointing out the following are not my thoughts. I took this from a message board. But it's an angle on LOST I had not thought about before and it's interesting to me.
But my favorite part is yet ANOTHER Wizard of Oz reference -- the crushed dude with the red shoes. Coupled with Henry Gale/Ben and his hot air balloon, I'm beginning to think that this is not an accidental coincidence. Desmond's reaction to Charlie when he met him busking was VERY similar to Dorothy when she returned from Oz -- "You were there, and you, and you!" -- There is definitely a "wizard" somewhere on the island, operating all the smoke (!) and mirrors. In the movie, Dorothy's trip to Oz never happened. But in the book, it did. And let's not forget that their flight originated in Australia -- commonly referred to as Oz...!!

Hmmm.... we all know there is some philosopher thing going on (Desmond's last name is Hume??) with the characters, and everybody has bounced around theories, but for right now I like the Oz/Island thing.

Alright, enough LOST for this blog. I was just so excited I didn't have to see Jack, Sawyer, and Kate in last night's episode, that I couldn't contain myself. I hate Jack and Kate. HATE. But, I already said no more LOST, so I am done. (ihatejackandkate)

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. Andrew gave me a book on wine and some chocolates. I gave him a book, and no chocolate. I guess he wins the present award since my book came with chocolate. Chocolate that is almost gone.... yeah.....

This weekend we are going away for the night to Newport. I know, it's February - who goes to Newport in February? People who can't afford it in July!! So that should be fun. We're staying at a B&B. I am so not the B&B type - I'm more of a big huge hotel kind of person, but if you are going to do Newport, you might as well do it in a B&B!

On a positive note, I have FINALLY kicked this cold on its ass. I haven't coughed all day, no headache, no sinus pressure. I am healthy! woo hoo!

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