Sunday, February 25, 2007

random musings

Firstly, I'd like to update cyberspace on the new happenings in the condo. We're almost done with decorating the living room. We need a hallway table (either long and rectangular or the half circle kind - I think I am leaning toward the half circle kind), and we need to decide on three black and white pictures.... which we aren't even sure we have taken them yet. Anyway, first things first.

This is the new wall sconce that we purchased. It's kind of funky, but it looks nice on the bare wall. Our wall is not that nasty shade of purple/gray in real life. Just so you know ;)

Okay, this is where the table would go with the plant on top of the table... get where I am going with that? The only reason I am dragging my feet in looking for one, is I think we're going to need a new entertainment system first and I don't want to buy a table for that space and then have it not fit if we get a bigger entertainment system. Though I dont' think a bigger one will fit, but sometimes it's hard to explain that to Andrew. But anyway, I think once we get the table, it will come together much nicer. And I think the half circle table is definately the way to go, now that I am looking at the picture.

This is just a better picture of the plant, from a sunny day when it was in the window. I like the plant, and I keep meaning to name it. I haven't come up with a name though. I'm tossing around Theodore.
Okay, that's all that's new in the Casa de Meghan. Once the living room is done (and it's taken me almost a year to get it to it's current state, so I don't expect to be finished for another year!) I am going to move onto the bedroom. That's a long ways a way though.

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Bree said...

Before I realized that the plant was in front of a window, my thought was that that was a very large crucifix in the background. Nope, just a telephone pole....