Sunday, November 26, 2006

I am woe!

I have a nasty cold, complete with sore throat and cough. Blah. Just what I need right before finals and papers and projects are all due. December 19... just have to make it to Dec 19...
I have to register for classes next semester on Wednesday. Right now it appears that I will be taking Accounting and Statistics. I've never taken either, didn't even take stats in high school. For some bizarre reason, stats was for the not-as-smart kids in my high school. You would take it instead of pre-cal and calc. I should have taken it anyway as it has more real life applications than stupid calculous. Oh well, my point is next semester is going to suck. But I think I am going to avoid class on my flex day for the second semester in a row!! Which is pretty cool since now Michelle and I have the same flex day and we will have some skiing adventures on our flex days :)

Speaking of skiing, I am getting so antsy.

Clearly that is not me. That person, whoever it is, is a much better skier than I am. This is more what I usually look like (though again - that is not me):

But hey, I have fun. Mostly. :) A few short weeks and I'll be back out there!

In other news, Andrew is agreeable to getting our Christmas tree next Sunday. YAY!!!! I am very excited about next weekend in general. On Friday night I'm going down to Maggie's (work Maggie) for a scrapbook party (yeah, that makes me very excited!) and then on Saturday, the SAC girls are having a girl night (and Andrew is going to visit his brother so there will be NO BOYS at 43 Will Drive!!) which should be tons o' fun. And Sunday we are getting our tree! YAY! Of course I have a final project due Saturday morning, but that's okay. I'll get through it. Mostly. (it's from Alien. Or Aliens, I don't know, but Cartman said it, and it's been picked up here)

So though again it will be the workweek from HELL and I'm sick and I have my HR project due on Saturday (not to be confused with my HR PAPER which is due in three weeks) I have some good things to look forward to (I did it AGAIN....).

That's all I have right now. It's almost time to go to the gym. eeewww

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