Monday, October 16, 2006

Glory days, well they'll pass you by
Glory days, in the wink of a young girl's eye
Glory days
Glory days

Matt, Katie, and Colin at Strange Brew. Which officially has cheaper beer than the pub! As long as you like Coors Light

Me and Jennhead, also at Strangebrew. Yay for the Burkes being back in New England!!

The settings on my camera were obviously messed up that night :( Self portrait of me and Andrew

Me and Val at..... you guessed it, Strange Brew (I didn't take any other pictures!!!)

The Clique. Clearly Colin was paying for Katie that night, as she was apparently too good for the $1.75 Coors Light Draft! Someone had to have a bottle!

Sean, Andrew, and Matt. That's Matt's Redbull and Vodka on the table. If there every was a more disgusting drink, I don't know what it possibly could be!

Well that's all of my halfway decent pictures. I really need to remember to take pictuers at the beginning of the night and not at the end! But it was a good time, fun was had by all. I can't tell you how excited I am that Strange Brew has $1.75 dafts!


Bree said...

this post makes me sad. i want beer and SACers, too! :(

Cincinnatus said...

Wish I coulda been with yall instead of running up and down Miramar's runways all weekend . . .hope you had a good time and we'll see you soon!