Saturday, September 23, 2006

I watched Jericho tonight - I have to say that I didn't like it. I won't be jumping on that bandwagon. Personally, I'm not even sure that it will last. I hope it doesn't because I am still mad that Related was cancelled. I liked Related. And I'm angry that I won't be able to watch it ever again. But yet Survivor 7 billion is on this season. To everyone who watched Reality TV - YOU SUCK. It's NOT good television. If you stop watching it, they will stop playing it. Here is a helpful hin and fyi - it's not real. It's SCRIPTED and even then, on average they show LESS than 1% of what they film. So stop watching it and watch some good shows instead. Some examples are.... Gilmore Girls, Grey's Anatomy, I think Studio 60 is going to be good, the original CSI is good, and Numb3rs can turn any boring Friday night into a super fantastic Friday night. And don't worry if you missed the first 1 or 7 seasons. Netflix people.... netflix. Learn it, love it, use it. Enough with the ridiculous reality TV. It's time for it to go.

Gilmore Girls is starting Tuesday. I already read spoilers, but I won't put them here. I understand about now wanting to know spoilers. I was psycho about not wanting to find anything out about Grey's. But tune into Gilmore Girls this season. It's most likey going to be the last, so make sure you enjoy it while you can.

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Mo said...

I am sad that this might be the last year for's not right:( Especially considering the premiere...the beginning of the end!

We watch a LOT of the same tv...and I too am pissed that Related was horse poopy. At least "Janice Ian" girl is on "The Class" now...granted she's the only character worth watching:)

I've just netflixed season 2 of Grey's, as well as the first season of The Office (which I'll probably buy anyway). I'm 2 deep in season 2 for Grey's...thank God there is nothing worth watching on the tube tonight!! Ha!