Monday, August 12, 2013


My second Falmouth Road Race is in the bag.   A few lessons I learned the second time around:

1.  If you don't get selected in the lottery,  don't run around looking for a number.   The universe is telling you that you shouldn't run that year.

2.  You should probably run the Woods Hole hills a few times before the race.  

3.  If you DO decide to run for charity,  check out the Lymphoma Research Foundation.   Their swag bag is really good!

4.  Practice running in hot weather.   When it's 80 and not a cloud in the sky the day of the race you will regret doing everything in your power to avoid running in heat.

5.   Even if you have already gone once,  visit the port-o-potty before you start!

Next up,  Smuttynose half marathon in October!!!

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