Tuesday, May 21, 2013

running man

As I was running today,  I looked down at my fancy running shirt, my fancy armband for my phone, my fancy heart rate monitor,  my fancy running shorts, and my uber fancy running sneakers I realized that I was currently wearing close to $250 worth of running gear.


That's a lot of money that I could have spent on lots of things.  Shoes.  Clothes.  Wine.  A weekend away.  A babysitter and a night out (side note,  when did baby sitters get SO EXPENSIVE?  I made $20 a night when I was in high school).   Organic produce.    But no,  it was all spent on running gear.   And though we severely limit the races we enter due to entry fees,  I've still run two races and Andrew has run one and we're both hoping to run Falmouth.   My point in all this is that running is not cheap.    For the past 18 months birthday,  Mother's/Father's Day and  anniversary presents have all been running related.  It's insane.  I'm not even that good at it,  according to Nike+ my average pace is 11'36".  I feel like I was swept up in a hobby without realizing it and now it's too late to back out.  

For the month of June I'm giving myself a challenge - 60 miles run.    That means I need to up my average mileage per run and up my number of runs per week.    That's a big number and I'm not sure I can hit it,  but it's going to be my goal.   Let's see if I'm still standing on July 1.

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