Wednesday, December 12, 2012

what I do all day

I took two weeks off.  I apologize.  I have reasons for being unable to find the time to update, but they are boring and you probably don't care. 

This is a tiny tidbit into my super exciting and cool boring and ordinary life.   This exchange took place while I was sitting in the Target parking lot waiting for the children to wake up. 

So yeah.  That's how I spend my time.   I don't know why Andrew engages me, but every so often  he'll reply to my inane comments.   It usually comes out later that he was on a conference call and had nothing else to do.  

But,  FOR REALS, I went to the drive up teller at a bank today.  A BANK.  AND I SPOKE TO A HUMAN.    I still would rather go to a drive up ATM,  but for some reason the bank we go is retro and they are all about 1987.  I say good for them.  1987 was a good year;  it was the one and only time I have ever been to Disney World.    I can now say I used a drive up teller.  I feel like I should cross it off my bucket list,  but my bucket list isn't THAT lame.   Close though.


Anonymous said...

There are no drive up tellers in California. It really threw me for a loop when we first came out here, but I suppose with mobile check deposit, and online banking and everything else, I don't really miss it. But I do miss the lollipops. I mean. AARON misses the lollipops. Totally what I meant.

Andrew said...

Mobile chek deposit is SO not 1987 Citizen Bank's style