Saturday, October 13, 2012


As I type this,  I can hear my Baby Girl singing to herself while in bed.  It's adorable until I realized she's only singing the theme songs to her favorite TV shows.  Oops.  We are drastically cutting back on the amount of TV she watches,  but you would never know from listening to her talk and sing.

Speaking of TV,  I started a lot of new shows this year.  I can't keep up with all of them,  but with my track record of watching new shows at least 75% of them will be cancelled by Christmas.

Let's see if I can remember everything:

Animal Pracrice =  Blech.  Wants to be funny,  could be funny,  but just isn't funny.  I've only watched one episode though.  I still have 2 on the DVR waiting to be seen.  I will give it another shot, but there was nothing too redeeming about the pilot.  (UPDATE - this post took me two days to write, and in the mean time I watched another Animal Practice.  Or I tried to,  it was so bad I turned it off and deleted it from the DVR)

The New Normal = okay.   I didn't actually want to watch this, I thought it was too much of a rip off of Modern Family.   Andrew Rannels (Bryan) and Justin Bartha (David) are hysterical and carry the show.  Georgia King plays Goldie,  and not knowing anything else about Georgia King I can't say if it's she herself that is horrendous or Goldie is just written to be a horrendous character,  but those scenes are painful to watch.  Ellen Barkin plays Jane,  the uber conservative grandmother whose humor is all in the shock value of OMFG, ARE YOU ALLOWED TO SAY THAT ON TV?   Ultimately the show is amusing,  but I don't know if it's enough to make it a hit and eventually the shock of what comes out of Jane's mouth will wear off and just be annoying.

Go On = Fab.U.Lous.  I had low low expectations for this show,  but Matthew Perry excels and may finally shed his previous life of Chandler Bing!  The supporting cast of characters is great, but I personally do not care for Laura Benanti.  I didn't like her in The Playboy Club, and I don't like her in this.  I acknowledge this is a personal problem.

Revolution = good.  Not great, but good. I like the LOST style flashbacks back to when the power had just gone out,  but the present day stuff is losing me.  I'd love to know how people learned to sword fight in the years since the power went out... strange that all of the sudden people learned how to grow crops,  hunt, make clothes, etc.   I can tell you I would be unable to do any of that if we were suddenly without any electricity.

Elementary - good.  I was only 3/4 paying attention while it was on,  but I liked it.   It's kind of like The Mentalist,  only Sherlock Holmes is better at it.   I'm iffy on Lucy Liu though.

Nashville - good,  but I was very distracted by my Little Guy while I was watching it,  so I did miss some of it.   I do not like Hayden Pen-whatever-her-name-is,  but she plays Juliette Barnes who is an unlikeable character so I'm not really supposed to like her.   Connie Britton plays Rayna James,  a 40 something country singer whose star is fading and about to be usurped by Juliette.   The scene has been set for some high drama in the coming season (Rayna's older daughter may not be her husband's biological child; Rayna's lead guitarist is now sleeping with Juliette...) I'm convinced this is Grey's last season, so this may be a good Grey's replacement for me.   We'll see.

Yes,  I watch a lot of TV.    But I don't watch it until my children are in bed,  so it's totes okay. 

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Anonymous said...

my own blog on fall tv will be forthcoming (swear), but i think between the two of us, we'll pretty much have every new show covered. i really like revolution, have avoided the new normal like the plague (much like animal practice), enjoy go on somewhat (parallels to real life situations in my own life aside), am intrigued by what chicago fire will bring to the table, and am amused by the mindy project. that is all.