Tuesday, October 09, 2012

so tired

my Little Guy was up 579 times last night.  FOR REALS.   We don't know why,  but the kid would not sleep more than an hour and a half in one stretch.   At 6am, we gave up and kept him in our bed to try to get a smidge of sleep.   Except he manages to take up the entire bed, so he was the only one who actually got any sleep. 

We're tired.

 Except my Baby Girl,  she sleeps through it every night. I wish I could figure out how she does it.

Andrew and I are struggling though.  This child is regressing in his sleep habits and I am not a fan.  Is 3 months too young to let him cry it out?  (kidding, kidding, no need to call the Legion of Judgeypants Perfect Parents on me).   I'm willing to do just about anything though...  I need to sleep for more than 90 minutes at a time!

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