Tuesday, July 10, 2012


The advice everyone gives you when you have a baby,  "sleep when the baby sleeps" only works if you don't have 8 million things to do when the baby is napping.   Also,  if you don't have a 3 year old at home.   All this adds up to me not getting a terrible amount of sleep.   I apologize if this post is full of more typos than normal.

The good thing -  I was not run over by the hormone bus this time.   Last time it not only knocked me over,  but backed up over me and then the driver got out and did a little dance on my body.   I don't know what happened,  but at just over two weeks post partum last time I was a crying, depressed, hysterical mess.   This time I'm just tired.   Though I am still on the lookout,  since the baby blues or PPD can pop up months later.  For now, I'm good. 

Here we go,   my little man!

Oh,  before you look at the pictures,  remember how much hair my Baby Girl had? 


apparently it runs in the family

 (I love the little feet!!)
 Sorry for the horrendous red eye,  these pictures are SOOC,  I haven't had any time to do even basic edits.   I will soon and try to re-post so you can see his eyes.   They are very dark blue - I'd love if he kept them that color, but I don't know if two brown eyed parents can get two blue eyed children!  There may be a genetic law against it.

Speaking of my blue eyed child:

Baby Girl is doing pretty well with the Little Man.   She's shown signs of jealousy,  but nothing terrible.  I actually expected worse.   She's very empathetic towards him,  and is very concerned when he's crying.  She wants to know why he's sad and tries to make him feel better.  I'm going to live in a fantasy world in which they always get along. 

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