Monday, July 23, 2012

Rationalizing the Combination of Exercise and Alcohol, or How I Learned to Stop Getting Annoyed and Embrace the Idiosyncrasies of Modern Technology

Editor's Note: A guest post by Andrew; you know the drill by now.

1. Plan a run for 4 miles
2. Begin run with phone's GPS activated
3. After 4 minutes, have phone notify you that you have run 1 mile (you have not), because the GPS is wonky (because even with all our advances, technology apparently still sucks.)
4. Keep running.  Delete bad run from history.  Start new run (while annoyed that the first half mile no longer "counts").
5. Reach 3.5 miles (which is really 4 miles).  Keep going (while annoyed) preferably uphill (being tired gets in the way of being annoyed) because you want 4 miles to "count".
6. Reach 4 miles (which is really 4.5)
7. Hydrate. Stretch.  Shower.
8. Enjoy a cold light beer.  Because if the first half mile didn't "count", the beer doesn't either.
9.  (Optional, though highly recommended:) Enjoy a second beer.  Because you didn't give up when the phone did, throw it to the ground in disgust, or, if for no other reason, because you deserve it.

(The views and opinions of the guest blogger are his own, and do not represent those of this blog, its author, or usually anyone else.  Contact Andrew @ajg818) - xsk2sp

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