Sunday, January 01, 2012


Of course I have New Years resolutions!  How else could I break them by the middle of January if I don't make them?

1.  Water.  Drink it.  
(ignore the fact that has been a New Years resolution of mine since... oh I don't know,  I was 18 or so?  Some day it will happen)

2. de-clutter my house.   We actually did a really good job with that last year,  but we didn't keep it up throughout the year,  so we're back to clutter again.    We don't have a hoarding situation,  but running out of room in closets.   And when you only have 4,  and two are bedroom closets,  that's a bad thing.   This year I also want to focus on the kitchen.   While there's not a lot of clutter,  there's a lot of stuff and I know it could be organized better.
(I know, this is a lame resolution,  but I'm a lame person.   That's what you get)

3.  Wii Fit.  It's so hard to get out and move in the winter.  It's dark when I leave for work,  dark when I get home from work, and freezing in between.   But the Wii Fit should get me moving at least,  even if it doesn't get me the cardio workout I got while training for Falmouth.
(I'm actually kind of sad I can't train for Falmouth this year.  I hated every last second of training for it,  but I really loved running it!  This year I'll watch Andrew do it instead.... not the same thing.  Sad face)

And there you go.    Do you think I'll even have a sip of water today?  We'll see!!

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