Wednesday, November 09, 2011


By now you've noticed the Facebook 30 days of Thanks, or whatever they are calling it.  People are updating their profiles every day with things for which they are thankful, and they are all lame.  We all know you are thankful for your health,  your family, your friends,  your job, BLAH BLAH BLAH.  I don't need my facebook feed clogged up with all that lameness.    Here's my partial list.    I may come back with more.

1.  On Demand and DVR.   I don't know how people possibly parented without it.  I have no idea how I lived without it.  I'm pretty sure life without these two things was a big barren wasteland of boredom.

2.  K-Cups.   Hi.     K-CUPS.   Do I have to say anything else? 

3.  The Zac Brown Band.   If you aren't familiar with them,  hit yourself over the head, and then download their albums.   Sic Em On a Chicken is one of their songs - how can you not LOVE that?  Also,  Chicken Fried speaks to my soul.   And not just because I like fried chicken.

4.  my iPhone 4s.   I love that little piece of computery-phone awesomeness.   I love having conversations with Siri.

5.  mashed potatoes.  O.M.G.  

6.  The fact that I beat my husband, my father, and my brother in fantasy football.  ALL Y'ALL CAN SUCK IT!!!

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