Wednesday, May 04, 2011

patience young Padawan


Did my impatience with this week come through? Do you need me to say it again? I am so done with this week. I want it to be the weekend, because Sunday is Mother's Day, and that means brunch at the yacht club!!! WHOOO!!! Andrew and I went last year and the food was so good that we talked about it for weeks. Think of your favorite brunch food - they have it. Eggs (Eggs Benny which are my FAV!), pancakes, danish, fruit, roast beef, asparagus, cereal, etc etc etc. There is so much food and you get a "complimentary" glass of champagne, and the mimosas keep coming!

It may just be my favorite day of the year.

We sang its praises so much that my mother decided she wanted to go this year, so now me and Andrew, my parents, and my grandmother are all going. FABULOUS - that means we can make more trips to the food because someone will always be at the table to watch my baby girl!
You can see why I'm so over this week.

But I do have an issue - last year there was so much Lily Pulitzer and Vineyard Vines clothing that it was seriously like a preppy whale threw up on a palm tree in there. So what do I wear? Baby Girl has a Lily dress that actually looks more like Vineyard Vines, so she's covered. Andrew has a navy blue (natch) VV polo. I don't have any appropriate clothing from either brand. Will I be ostracized? I will have to hide behind my family and pray no one notices I'm rocking Kohl's Apt 9 clothing!

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