Friday, April 22, 2011

I will not go off on a tangent..... I will not...

Happy Good Friday to you!

Going to Stations of the Cross on Good Friday was probably the highlight of my church-going year. I would always go to the 4:30 service with my mother, and we usually met up with the neighborhood people we knew (this is when there was literally a Catholic Church in every neighborhood where I grew up) and you'd sit there and basically watch a play. Yeah, there was some boring parts, but as far as being dragged to Church goes - Good Friday is not that bad. Unless you really think about Jesus being nailed to a cross and dying. That kind of brings the mood down a bit.

Easter, however, is a nightmare. Standing room only and I swear that Mass is about 7 hours long. But I did get to wear my new Easter dress, bonnet, gloves, and I usually had some sort of pocketbook too. I'd sit there and look for all the other little girls I knew and check out their dress, bonnet, gloves, and see if they had a pocketbook too.

What? Easter mass can be a fashion show.

If you aren't Catholic, or have never been to a Stations of the Cross service, I highly suggest going to one at some point in your life. Andrew still likes to yell "Crucify him! Crucify him!" at random times throughout the year. (I'm sure he didn't actually want to crucify Jesus... but when you are kid, being allowed to YELL IN CHURCH!!!!!!! is a memorable event)

Who's excited for the Easter Bunny? I hear he's bringing bubbles to a certain young lady!!

Bonus random baby picture!! I think she's about.... 2 months old in that picture.

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