Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. I turned the heat on today for the first time. Winter is almost here. Sad. :(

2. Baby Girl's hair is a mess of curls when you use Pantene Daily Conditioner Spray on it.

3. Baby Girl is afraid of Pantene Daily Conditioner spray. I have yet to figure out why, but I think she may have guessed my plot to make her look like Curly Sue. I can't help it, I have extremely straight hair and can't have any fun with it.

4. I went into Boston today on the T and realized I cannot remember the last time I was on the T. I loathe public transportation.

5. I drove 135 miles yesterday. And that was just my commute to and from work

6. I think I am going to start to listen to Christmas music soon

7. I keep putting more things on my coffee table to cover the dust

8. I'm halfway through The Kite Runner and I don't know why I didn't read this book years ago.

9. The fact that NCIS isn't on tonight has ruined my day. Honestly, I get giddy every Tuesday because it's on, and today has just been sad.

10. Andrew has been on a Guinness kick lately, but I can't drink it. I get an aftertaste of smoked gouda. Gross.

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