Wednesday, November 10, 2010

FYI: Anyone who makes Green Mountain coffee at home (or has a Keurig) - the Limited Edition Gingerbread coffee is phenomenal. Like manna from heaven.

So... back to our regularly scheduled post. Seriously though... get yourself some gingerbread coffee.

I had a great idea. Little People (you know, Little People) have a nativity set. I thought it would be perfect to buy for Baby Girl and keep with our Christmas decorations and take out every year. I loved the stuff that only came out at Christmas when I was a wee one, and I thought it would be fun thing for BG too. My mother has an absolutely gorgeous nativity set that she made herself. It must have at least 20 pieces - it took up our whole mantel. She doesn't put it out anymore. If I had anywhere to put it I would have taken it by now, but I don't. So it sits in her attic until I buy a house. sad.

Oh look, I went off on a tangent again

Anyway - I wanted to get that Little People Nativity set. Isn't it cool? I mean it's not the hand-painted one that my mother made, but it's so cute and great for toddlers.

Here's the problem. It's $33

THIRTY THREE DOLLARS. For a plastic nativity set. And we already have the cow and a sheep from the farm set. Amazon has it for $31.95. So whoop de doo, I can save $1.05. Though I do get free shipping right now from Amaon for signing up for Amazon Mom...

Anyway. $33 for a plastic nativity set... and it's the holiday season which means we are hemorrhaging money. Not a good time of year for $33 on a toy that will only be played with for one month each year.

So my great idea was foiled again!

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