Wednesday, October 27, 2010

jail time

Andrew and I used to eat a lot of organic food. Then we had a baby and organics had to go, we just couldn't afford it anymore. Though I do still try to buy organic meat when I can, most of our food is... well... not organic. (if you've ever seen Food Inc, you understand - we're basically eating corn in different forms).

We buy Baby Girl organic milk because the hormones in the processed milk is thought to be linked to early puberty in girls. I'm all set with my 8 year old going through puberty.

But then I realized that her apple juice (not that she drinks more than a sip or two per day... but that's a different issue) is not organic. Do you know how much pesticide is in commericially grown apples? You may as well much on DDT. Okay, maybe not DDT since it's not 1972 but whatever they use these days isn't much better.

Side bar - did you know that orchards are completely against nature? I did not know this till recently. You would never see fruit trees growing in bunches in nature. At least not the same tree. They can't survive that close together.

So now not only do we have to buy organic milk (which, btw, is ridiculously expensive and only BG gets it. Andrew and I drink the milkpoison) but now we need to start buying organic apple juice. And those chicken nuggets that we give her? Yeah... the parent police may arrest us for that one.

Time to rob a bank to do our shopping at Whole Foods!

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