Friday, October 01, 2010

Happy October!

Joy of joys. We are inching closer to winter. But with any luck, we have put the 90 degree days behind us and can have a nice fall.

A minor change to the blog - I've allowed any and all comments. When I say "allow" I mean you no longer have to register to leave a comment. Anyone can leave one. However, they are still moderated and I will pick and choose what to post if I start getting creepy stalker comments again. If they start up again, I'm closing them to anonymous commenters. That doesn't mean I won't post your comment if you disagree with me on something; on the contrary, I will. And then I will tell you how wrong you are. But I know there are a lot more readers out there than just Bree, Matt, and Andrew. Because if that's the only people who read this, my posts would be more along the lines of "duuuuuude, remember when Matt wouldn't swear and said "dang it" all the time and it was hysterically funny for some unknown reason? (except Bree won't remember because she was in high school)" and "FRIES AND RANCH 4EVA".

Don't think I don't know who reads this blog people, I see the IP addresses. So since I already know that you are reading, feel free to leave comments! They aren't blocked anymore! Freedom of speech as long as it isn't creepy and stalkerish!!!

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