Wednesday, July 07, 2010


I know, I know, another flower for this month. I can't help it, I love hydrangeas, and my mother has a beautiful one in full bloom right now.

So.... where have a I been. For the first time (and sadly, probably the last time...) we went down to the Outer Banks in North Carolina to the mini town of Corolla. (pronounced Ca-RAW-la. Not Co-ROE-la, like the car). It was beautiful. We went down with all of Andrew's immediate family, which including the 3 of us is 20 people!. We stayed in a huge 10 bedroom house about a 1/4 mile away from the beach. It's really a perfect vacation spot. Of course it was over 100 degrees the first few days we were there, but that's what central air is for! My favorite part of our vacation was the tour Andrew and I took to see the wild horses. We saw a bunch of horses and I got some really great pictures. Driving to NC in one shot (overnight) is really hard. We didn't have a lot of choice in the matter because we have a 1 year old who hates the car with the fire of a thousand suns and we had to do most of the driving while she was asleep. If we ever go again, we'll have to split up the drive. We even had a 3rd driver with is (Andrew's nephew) and it was still really hard.

Some pictures of OBX

The house we stayed in, called Julie's Dream
niece and nephew hitting the beach after dinner:

Fambly! I know my hair is out of control, but it was over 100 degrees and windy. Not a whole lot I could do about it. Yes, Baby Girl is reaching for Elmo.
awwwww. Yup, that's my camera strapped across my chest. Nice, huh?
some of my sister in laws and brother in laws (yes, only some) on one of the decks.
wild horses!

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