Sunday, July 11, 2010

num num num

Time. I don't have a lot of it, especially during the week. This leads to complete chaos when it comes to dinner in our house. Both Andrew and I are really tired when we have finally get home, after our commutes and retrieving the baby from daycare. And because Baby Girl has a 7:00 bedtime, we don't have a tremendous amount of time to get things done. Sometimes dinner falls to the wayside, and at 7:15 when the baby is finally asleep we throw something together. It's usually not healthy.

Though it's a steep uphill battle, we do try to plan our meals and have family mealtime. Invariably something comes up during the week that makes us skip one of our planned meals, delay our dinner till after bedtime eliminating family dinner time, or one of us (me) sulks about what's for dinner (chicken) and refusing to eat it (blech). In a perfect world we would have more time to plan and make dinners (also, Gilmore Girls would still be on TV),

During the winter we do try to make some meals on Sunday that can be frozen, but in the warmer months, there's just too much else to do on a Sunday afternoon. But we've planned our meals for the week, placed our order with Peapod, and the meals have been planned. Very boring meals: chicken and summer squash & zucchini; ham and frozen veggies, fish (whatever is on sale at Shaw's this week) and summer squash & zucchini; quesadillas (NUMMY!); and leftover ham (all chopped up in sandwiches.... so goooood).

So now the question is.... will we stick to our planned meals, or will be fail at life and resort to grabbing what we can find after the baby is in bed?


Bree said...

I would assume they have these everywhere, but a few times, we've gone to one of those prepare-and-freeze places. They typically have good healthy stuff, and you just defrost it the night before. You should look into it.

Meghan said...

I went to one of those places a few times. Good food, but it got expensive. Maybe I should find a cheaper one.