Friday, May 14, 2010

things that annoy me

But they really shouldn't and I'm going to get a big giant GET OVER IT for all of these. But sometimes I just need to get them off my chest!

1. Milford, MA. Because it is against their stupid little town law to have self service gas stations. Milford is on rt 495, smack in the middle of my commute. Sometimes I need to get gas in Milford. And then I have to pay extra because they don't allow self serve. Eff you Milford!

2. people who tell me I should relocate to Worcester. I.Am.Never.Living.In.Worcester. There is not a job in this planet worth me living in Worcester. I know some people who live there and they are lovely people and I'm sure they love living there. But I am not going to move. So STOP TELLING ME TO!

3. The Bruins. Because they just lost Game 7 and they shouldn't have.

4. The Fliers. See #3.

5. Fisher Price. For having the same song playing on every toy them make. Every Toy. And it's kind of an annoying song.

6. Samuel Adams.

No, just kidding, I love Samuel Adams.

7. Nissan. For making the 2003 Sentra the smallest car in the world. Also, the stupid salesman who sold my husband a 2003 Sentra when he was single and 22. Did Mr. Salesman not know that we would have to fit a family of 3 in that car?

8. alarm clocks. Why do they have to be so annoying?

9. the price of flying. Why does it still have to be so expensive? Why should I have to take out a second mortgage to fly to Florida? And why do they hate my bag?

10. the universe for canceling Gilmore Girls. And The Black Donnelys. And Numb3rs.

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Andrew said...

NBC sucks. Hopefully Comcast will do a better job with it than GE did. Honestly, I'm surprised they have any shows at all. I'd say they should have a reality show/Office-30 Rock quasi-real show about how they cancel all their shows... but it would just get canceled.