Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Monday! Can't trust that day!

I want to meet someone who doesn't despise Mondays. I'm not convinced that person exists.

But on the bright side, Monday is over! 4 more days till the weekend!

I think we should start saying weekend like the British say it: weekEND. I'm sure I can get Andrew on board, he loves to spell things the British way for absolutely no reason. He's never even been to Europe. That's actually a big regret I have, I really wanted to get to Europe one more time before I had kids (and for Andrew, it would be the first time!). It didn't happen - I wouldn't trade my girl for anything, but I definitely would have enjoyed seeing England or Ireland for the first time, or even Paris or Madrid for the second time. I know we'll get there someday, but now that we have kids we have to get to Disney World (gag me), Washington D.C. (love it and can't wait to go again!), and there's probably some other iconic American vacation that I'm not thinking of that we'll have to go on, all before we go to Europe. By then Greece may not even exist anymore. (does Greece still exist?)

I can't even seem to get to San Diego to see the Pats play the Chargers this year. Though I can't say I've tried TOO hard to talk Andrew into it, the thought of flying across the country with an almost 1.5 year old scares me. As much as driving 12 hours with a 12 month old scares me. I have no choice with that one though. T minus 46 days!

I just remembered a redeeming quality to Monday. Big Bang Theory is on. BAZINGA!


Bree said...

OK, A) SD for Pats/Chargers IS happening. You'll have free accommodations and transportation when you're out here, and flying with a 1.5 YO isn't that bad. That's why they invented Dramamine. And B) I see an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone here. Anaheim is about an hour away, and the weather here in October is not unlike the weather here any other month of the year. SO Disneyland (which is waaaay superior to Disney World) on 10/23, Pats/Chargers on 10/24. I mean, really, it would be fiscally irresponsible NOT to make it happen.

The Accidental Blogger said...


Bree said...

What's the question, AB? Patriots @ Chargers, 10/24. Are you in?

Meghan said...

no one is in unless I can convince Andrew that we are in!! Unfortunately I think I need to see how much our Outer Banks vacation ends up costing us before I can convince him that we ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO GO TO PAT/CHARGERS!

The Accidental Blogger said...

Sadly, that's about two weeks prior to Election Day so I'm going to be busy. :( Maybe next year.