Tuesday, May 04, 2010

love that dirty water...

But it's clean now! WHOO HOO! I was even able to give my girl a bath tonight, rinse the dirty dishes, wash my hands after I touched raw chicken, and Andrew was able to clean the stove. Things I never thought I'd ever be able to go again! (until the water was fixed)

This past weekend I took el bebe outside to play on the grass a few times. Playing outside is something she just doesn't get to do very often. Sure she goes outside almost every day - but she's always in a stroller. I wanted her to get some sitting in the grass playing time.
She wasn't a huge fan. To be fair, the surfaces she normally crawls on are hard, and not soft and squishy like a back lawn. Introducing her to the beach may be an adventure!

aaahhh.... what is going on?

hmmm.... maybe this grass is nummy! num num num

Maybe if I hug Mama's flip flop she will take me inside!!

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Arghavan said...

I love her!!!