Sunday, April 25, 2010

le sigh

I had a rough weekend. My baby was so grumpy today that I was willing to sell her on eBay. She had a meltdown (no, she had many meltdowns) at Target and apparently some lady in the aisle next to us made a comment. Andrew was in said aisle, I was trying to calm down a hysterical baby a few aisle over. She had no idea Andrew was the father of the screaming baby. Had I heard her, I probably would have gone off on her, so it's best I didn't. There happened to be 2 other babies having meltdowns at the same time. While it made me feel better that I wasn't the only one with a screaming child at Target, I can see how it could annoy other people. But still - parents don't choose to have their kid start throwing temper tantrums or have screaming fits in public places. So shut up and move on. Keep your nasty comment to yourself!

But did my child ever try my patience today.

She's asleep now though. She's cute when she sleeps.

She's not so cute screaming "NO!" and crying. "NO" is the only way she can communicate unhappiness or frustration, so we hear a lot of "NO's!". It's kind of funny when she's tired of being in the car and we hear "NO!" come from the back seat and we see her smacking the car seat. Poor Mr. Carseat... he never gets the love.

She was really really cute when I sat down to rock her tonight and she immediately buried her head in her neck and wrapped her arm around the other side of my neck. Usually she sit looks around while we sing a few songs and then she goes to bed. Tonight my anti-snuggler was quite the snuggle-bug.

Focus on the cute. Let the meltdowns in public places go...

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