Sunday, February 21, 2010

Busy weekend and random thoughts

I worked on Baby Girl's scrapbook Friday night with a friend. I actually got two pages done - one I think came out well, and one was a disaster. But it's little more than a filler page, so I'm leaving it alone. When I'm done with the book, I might go back and do something else. I wish I had more time to work on my books, but I do enjoy my nights! I'm going with some other friends in two more weeks for a night of scrapping. I think Andrew is getting a little sick of me disappearing every Friday, but I like it :)

Baby Girl is going to get a little cousin this summer, and luckily for us it is going to be a boy! We need a little boy in this family, and this meant that BG got a bunch of her older cousin's hand me downs. I was pretty excited about that, we were having a bit of a pants problem lately. She had about 5 pairs of pants that actually fit, and now we have at least a dozen! I love hand me downs!!! And I'm thrilled to have a nephew, little boys are so much fun.

We spent an hour at Babies R Us this morning and came home with a new stroller for BG. We ultimately decided on an umbrella stroller for her. We didn't go with a travel system when she was born because we thought they were too big and bulky - we used the car seat and a Snap n Go. When we were wheeling the full sized strollers up and down the aisles of BRU today, we still thought they were too bulky. I guess we just aren't full sized stroller or travel system people! So this is BG's ride for the next few years:

It's the Maclaren Quest Sport. She seemed to like it in the store, hopefully it continues to meet her strolling needs. Now we just need to get a jogging stroller down the cape and we will be all set!

Is anyone else looking forward to Parenthood on NBC once the Olympics are over? I think it looks like it could end up being a good show. I'm fearful that I will always see Lauren Graham as Loralei Gilmore, but that probably won't happen to people who haven't seen every episode of Gilmore Girls at least 3 times.

I am SO DONE with winter. SO DONE. I know, I know, I live in New England, I should be used to it. It hasn't been a particular snowy winter here, though it has been almost everywhere else. But it's just so cold and so dark and I've been stuck inside for so many months. On Saturday I was going out of my skin and I was thisclose to bundling up my niece and taking her out to the park to play. I'm praying for a semi warmish March. I need to get out of this house!

I created a trending topic on Twitter. #overpricedbabygear. Watch it.


The Accidental Blogger said...

What is an umbrella stroller?

Meghan said...

they are smaller than full sized strollers. The fold completely in half, so when they are folded up, they are supposed to look like an upside-down folded umbrella.