Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Poor Mii

I've been a fan of the yoga portion of Wii Fit since I was 27 months pregnant and could barely walk without falling over. My flexibility has improved vastly since then, and I can almost do the Tree pose! For those of you who are not familiar with what that is, here's a picture:

I can do it standing on my left leg, but I still fall over on when I'm trying this on my right leg. It's a work in progress though, and I have high hopes.

Despite the fact that I have lost all 40 pounds I gained when I was pregnant (yup! 40 pounds. I was only supposed to gain 25. Oops!) my Mii is still chubby and is still a very round little virtual MKO. I feel badly for her, but I did give her a new hairdo recently, so maybe she has forgiven me for the fact that her round tummy still hangs out of her shirt. In real life, my clothes cover my entire body very nicely, thank you very much, so I'm still annoyed with Wii Fit for that. But I suppose they consider it a motivating force.

I unlocked a new yoga pose recently and tried it last night. I'm not sure if the designers of Wii Fit are familiar with the mechanics of the human body, but I'm guessing not. The pose I tried is called "twist" and the way they want you to twist is impossible. You start out in the Warrior Pose, which looks like this (and this is actually a Wii Fit image):

you then take your back arm (in the example above, it would be her left arm) and "twist" your body so your back arm is touching your front foot (her right foot), and your right arm is pointing up to the sky, and you should be looking up at the ceiling. Just try it without landing on the floor. Your left arm comes OVER the head, by the way, you aren't dropping it to the floor. This is really hard! You have to twist your body in ways that your body shouldn't be twisting.

There are a few more poses I haven't unlocked yet, and I'm scared!


Bree said...

Wow. 27 months pregnant, huh? You go, girl.

Meghan said...

those last 30 days count for a month each. More if you are overdue.