Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Toys for Tots

Like any good business my company has a Toys for Tots drive every year. And I happened to be walking by when a Marine came to do the weekly collection. He was all dressed up in his fancy dress blues, and honestly, I think that's a mistake. I think they would get a lot more participation if the Marines came in to get the toys wearing their fatigues.

Here's why. I think the Marines have, by far, the best dress uniform. They look very spiffy in those dress blues. But, lets be honest - they aren't very intimidating. When you see a Marine in his dress blues, you expect him to start twirling his rifle like a baton and walking in a parade. However, if a big brute of a Marine walks into your office with his fatigues and starts yelling and grabbing all those toys, you are going to feel like a scumbag if you didn't bring in a toy. And you will probably run up as close to that Marine as you feel safe doing and just cry and toss money at him to get more presents. I'm telling you, it will get more toys for the kids if they lose the dress uniform.

Also, I really think I said "Semper Fi" as I walked by him without realizing I did so, because he gave me a funny look. Ooops.

Also, I don't *think* I'm wrong in calling them fatigues. I think that's what the camouflage uniforms are called. However, if I'm wrong, I assume I will be corrected in about 0.1 seconds by our resident Marine.


Bree said...

Your friendly neighborhood Marine is currently in the desert, with limited access to the interwebs. So, since he gave me his power-of-attorney, I will correct you: they're called "utilities," or, more informally, "cammies." If I am wrong, I'm sure I will be summarily beaten.

Meghan said...

duly noted.

Now - is there any branch that calls them fatigues, or did I completely make that up?

Cincinnatus said...

Bree is clearly a better Marine than I am since it took well over 0.1 seconds for me to respond.

"Fatigues" is an older term, not really in general use anymore. The various branches now call their "dirty work" uniforms different things, the Marines choosing utilities (technically Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform), though in everyday parlance we just call them "cammies". There's your history lesson of the day.

Also I would like to take this opportunity to commend you for being the only person who actually updates their blog. The rest of us suck. Just for that you can call them fatigues if you want :)