Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sudafed is my friend

I hate being sick! I hate being stuffed up, I hate the itchy nose, I hate the aches and pains, I just hate all of it!

I'm alternating between Sudafed and Tylenol right now. I want to be alternating between morphine and Ambien. Alas, they sell neither one of those over the counter.

What is it about being sick that makes me want to eat terribly? I know that eating well will help me stay healthy, but all I can think about eating is crap. Like a big huge bacon cheeseburger and fries.... mmmm..... so yummy. Of course, I will not actually be eating said burger and fries, but a girl can dream.

I also want to go to bed. My Baby Girl is preventing me from a super early bedtime, but fingers crossed for a 7:30 bedtime tonight!

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The Accidental Blogger said...

Good luck-I had the worst flu earlier this fall. Really sharp pain in my throat, bad fatigue and all congested; it was brutal. It lasted about a week.