Sunday, November 08, 2009

gadgets and other fun stuff

I want this:It is the Cricut personal electronic cutting machine. I used a friend's last friday when we got together to work on scrapbooks. 4 of us were there, and the 3 of us who had never used a Cricut before were enthralled. Capitvated. Sold. Drank the Kool-Aid. However you want to describe it. We all had heard of the Cricut (what self respecting scrapper hasn't?), and we all knew it was something that we wanted. In a "yeah, that would be nice, maybe in a few years, is it really worth the price?" sort of way. But after I used it, I had an overwhelming urge to troll e-Bay for one (apparently, it's THE place to buy a Cricut. The only affordable place, at any rate).

This morning I was putting the finishing touches on some pages I started last Friday. Let me tell you, once you have used a Cricut, going back to tracing and cutting out letters is unbearable. Unfathomable. Un-going to happen. I actually put everything away, because I now know the joy of having a machine to do the cutting for you. And just because I don't happen to own that machine does not mean I am going to sit around and cut my own letters out!

So that's my new desire. Unfortunately they cost $180 new. Plus the cartridges are about $90. Time to start trolling e-bay!

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