Sunday, October 11, 2009

lessons learned

Things I learned this weekend:

1. Babies (or at least my baby) do not react well to a drastic change in their routine and people in their faces all day. This can also lead to cranky and overtired parents.

2. It is always funny to take pictures of babies who are buried in leaves.

3. McDonald's - never a good option. Never. Ever.

4. Throwback uniforms were sometimes eliminated for a reason (denverbroncostakenote)

5. Baby Girl will stay up all night if I want to have a drink after she goes to bed. And look forward to said drink all night.

6. Fixing a situation by saying "I have an app for that" and then using an iPhone app to save the day is highly entertaining.


Cincinnatus said...

McDonald's never a good option? McDonald's buys me at least an hour of sanity with the young lad every weekend.

Meghan said...

Good point. Well maybe McDonalds is never a good option for those who aren't dealing with toddlers!