Thursday, August 06, 2009

Rocky Marciano, I am not

Although he did grow up two towns over from where I live now.

Anyway, Baby Girl and I decided to stay home today. Normally we end up in Quincy because I love the little coffee shop near my parents house. Not only for its mocha mint iced coffee, but also because it is right on the water at the marina. But I've been fighting a cold all week and I thought we could use some home time (and maybe actually find some time to clean the house)

Because BG has a fussy period from 7 - 10 every night, our nights can get crazy. One of us always has to be walking with her and it's just impossible to do anything else. One thing that has definitely fallen by the wayside is Wii Fit. And if you have Wii Fit, you know that it yells at you if you ignore it. Once BG had fallen asleep for her first nap of the day, I decided it was a good time to get my Mii moving.

I had been doing the aerobic exercises and I unlocked advanced Rhythm Boxing. Since I was doing regular Rhthym Boxing like a champ, I eagerly queued up Advanced. GAWD.

It's really really really hard! I could not follow the footwork. I was punching left when I should have been punching right. I could not duck to save my life. I actually almost tripped while trying to step back with my left foot and punch with my right hand at the same time. I'm thinking as marketing it as a comedy show and charging admissions to watch me do it.

I have no idea how, but I WILL figure that thing out. That smarmy talking punching bag will rue the day he made fun of my poor chubby Mii!

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