Monday, July 13, 2009


I'm kind of surprised that Dooce went for the home birth. But I have to agree with her on some points. I wanted nothing to do with being induced. I wanted the pitocin as far away from me as possible. I had planned on refusing an episiotomy if suggested (don't look that up if you don't know what it means). If things tear, then they tear, no need to slice me open. The vaccum and foreceps can stay in their nice sterile environment and not come anywhere near me or my baby.

But I was still going to give birth in a hospital. It may surprise you that in the 2.5 days I was a patient at the preeminent B&W maternity ward, I never saw an OB-GYN. That's right, I was never evaluated by someone with a medical degree. I went with the midwives and it was a fantastic decision. Even though she didn't want to, the midwife who delivered Baby Girl even let me get my epidural (when you've gone through all of active labor at home by yourself while your husband slept, you deserve some epidural love!) and I had a perfectly normal delivery.

So even though I could never imagine giving birth anywhere other than a fully accredited hospital for the sake of the baby (what if something is wrong with the baby - would you rather the NICU be seconds away or an ambulance ride away?), I can somewhat see why people choose homebirths.

I still think they are hippies though :)

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