Thursday, July 16, 2009

I want answers

I have some questions that I would love answered. Anyone want to help?

* why do people care about the Supreme Court nominee? I'm being serious about this. Unless you are the President or a Senator, you have zero say in who is appointed to the bench. So why do ordinary people get so up in arms about it? You literally can do nothing about it.

* Why does my daughter make so much noise in her sleep? How can she sleep through all that noise?

* Would Jon and Kate have made it if they hadn't been on TV? Would Nick and Jessica have made it if they hadn't been on TV?

* Why is it going to rain on Saturday when I really wanted to go to the beach?

* How come I can get up to feed Baby Girl whenever she needs it at night, but once it hits 6 or 7 o'clock, I can barely move?

* Why are librarians so unfriendly?

* Was Tony killed in the last scene of the Sopranos?

* Why is NCIS the most addictive show on television? Will I watch the new NCIS spin off?

* Why is The Mentalist moving to Thursdays when I already have 4 shows on Thursdays?

* Should my next car be a Subaru Tribeca, a Ford Taurus X (the crossover, not the sedan), a Rav 4, or something else?


Andrew said...

Because it matters. We care because it matters. Not because we can do anything about it. Because she's related to me. I make a lot of noise too, apparently. Yes (though she is a bee-otch) and no (because she's so dumb). Because its ironic, don't you think? Because Yahweh is punishing you. Because Yahweh is punishing them for not making something of themselves. No. Becuase we made fun of it for so long. Because the TV Gods are punishing you for having liked Studio 60 and Black Donnelleys. The Taurus.

Meghan said...

Studio 60 and The Black Donnelly's are still 2 of the best TV shows I ever watched. Too bad we may have been the only 2 people to watch them.

We'll never know if the Donnelly brothers took over that other neighborhood. Sad.