Thursday, June 18, 2009

A year in review

We've come around to June 18th again. Three years ago today was sunny and warm (and VERY windy!). Today is cloudy, cool, and pretty chilly. I'd say we lucked out with our wedding day!

Here is June 18, 2008 - June 18, 2009 in review:

work, cape, school, work, cape, school.
Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat seems to be taking up a lot of space in the fridge
Can we afford a trip out to SoCal? yes, yes, yes, shit - tuition has to be paid upfront now, nope.
Going to DC on Marriott points instead. My god, why don't they have Yuengling in New England?
work, school, work, school
Go BC! (wait, where's Matty Ryan?)
childhood fantasies can come true - NKOTB4 EVA (twice!)
Hmm.... that appears to be a positive test. Better take 3 more just to be sure.
work, school, work, school
Happy Thanksgiving! Instead of enjoying an adult beverage with the fam, I'll just go throw up all night instead
work, school, puke, work, school, puke.
It's probably a girl!
no skiing this year. Lots of snow storms.
more snow
Babies apparently need nicer furniture than their parents
Can we somehow afford to go sit on a beach? No? Okay, how about driving to Niagara Falls?
A thousand bathtubs a minute
less walking, more wobbling
work, school, work, school.
stress and school
pomp and circumstance! We both have master's degrees
work, school

And that, my friends, is a year in the life of me. I'm sure next year there will be more puke, but less of it coming from me.

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