Monday, March 09, 2009

This is not good

I don't know if it was the daylight savings time change, the walk I took around Castle Island, the fact that I am 25 weeks pregnant, or what, but I barely slept at all last night.   Okay, maybe "barely slept" is a slight exaggeration,  but I was awake from 2:30 until 4am.   I got up, got some water, finished a book I was reading, and just layed in bed trying to think happy sleep thoughts.   Nothing worked.   Luckily for me, Andrew was having sleep issues of his own and had long since moved to the couch.   So I was all by myself when wide awak for an hour and a half in the middle of the night.   I have had that happen once or twice before - just be wide awake in the middle of the night with no chance of going back to sleep.   However, the previous times I was lucky enough to go through that lack of sleep on weekend nights - so I could just sleep later when I finally did go back to sleep.   One of those times, I got up and watched a 2 hour special on National Geographic about how the world was going to end because eventually we were going to hit another asteroid, like the one whose collision with the Earth actually formed the moon.   But last night I thought watching TV might delay my body's ability to go back to sleep, so no such fascinating shows.  
So now I'm ready to fall asleep sitting at my desk.  And I have class tonight so I won't be home until about 9:30pm.    Of course this happened on a Sunday night, when Mondays are my long days! 
Am I crazy?  Has this happened to anyone else?  How do I get my wide awake body to get back to sleep in the middle of the night?

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