Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Keep on truckin'

I am 26 weeks into this pregnancy, with hopefully 14 weeks to go. I am huge. I can no longer do anything with any sort of grace. Somehow, by some small miracle, I can still touch my toes when I bend over standing up. I consider that to be some sort of achievement.

One thing that has become virtually impossible is shaving my legs. Now I didn't let that bother me, since it's still winter and I wear nothing but pants, but spring is coming. Technically spring is arriving Friday, but calendars lie. So I decided it's time to start figuring out how I can shave like a normal person. Clearly my old method of doing a 5 minute hack job in the shower isn't going to work anymore. I thought I had come up with an ingenious idea - sit on the side of the tub and do it that way. If Jenn and I used to be able to shave standing up at the sink in our dorm room, surely I can now sit on the side of the tub and lean over.


Fat chance. And I do mean FAT chance (I know, I know, I know, I'm not fat, I'm pregnant. Well, spin it how you like, my stomach is the size of a small planet). I huffed and puffed and managed to shave my right leg from the knee down. By then my back hurt, my front hurt and I couldn't breathe. Time to go back to the drawing board.

14 more weeks.... 14 more weeks.

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