Friday, March 27, 2009

Flame Free Friday

This is a new segment for the blog o' mine. Friday is the day for confessions, so spill! Did you eat an entire can of frosting this week? Steal candy from a baby? Spill! Don't forget it's flame free, so leave the nasty comments to yourself. Here we go:

1. I think Britney Spears has reached a new personal low with "if you
seek Amy". Not only is it just a stupid song, but she is 27 years
old. Time to stop swearing in code.

2. I haven't told Andrew that we are taking part in Earth Hour
tomorrow (oh, and add the Zakim to the list of things that are going

3. I have started lying to people when they ask me if we have a name
picked out. I just tell them no - it's easier to say that than tell
them we aren't telling people the name.

4. I ate chicken patties and tater tots for dinner twice this week.
And I don't care!

So what about you?


Andrew said...

I ate an entire wheel of cheese.

And pooped in the refrigerator.

The Accidental Blogger said...

but did you poop in the refrigerator (given how bombed we were the other night that can't be ruled out entirely...)?