Saturday, December 27, 2008

and it's over...

All of our holiday celebrations are over. Time to rest up for about 9 months before it starts again! Most of our presents are put away now - thanks to a small scare we had about losing a gift certificate... 30 minutes, 2 frantic phone calls, 1 car ripped apart, and the decimation of every piece of gift wrapping in the house later, it was located at my parents' house. THANK GOD. We got a lot of nice things and for the most part people seemed to like what we gave them.

Now we focus on..... nothing. There's nothing exciting going on in our lives until the middle of May when we both finish up our semesters and graduate. Then there's the whole arrival of the baby. Actually, January and February weekends will be spent doing things we need to get done before the baby arrives including cleaning out his bedroom, getting rid of some furniture, buying more furniture, cleaning out the attic, and other fun things like that. Not as much fun as skiing, but I guess the baby has to sleep somewhere. And in something other than a cardboard box.

So that's our life right now, a whole lot of nothing for the foreseeable future. If you have any bright ideas on what we can do to entertain ourselves, leave some suggestions!

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Matt said...

No plans for New Year's?