Monday, October 13, 2008

Mad props to AJG

For reals.

Okay, here's the story. After I got the turkey meatloaf all loafed up, I preheated the oven to 350º, waited till it beeped, popped in my over priced Food Network loaf pan in the oven, set the time for 30 minutes and went back to watch the Gilmore Girls (yes, I watch it every night at 5, despite the fact I own the entire series on DVD. What's your point). 30 minutes later my buzzer beeped again and I mosey on into the kitchen. Hmmm.... odd.... you can't feel the heat of the oven when you're touching the top of the stove. Huh. I open the oven door. Not blast of heat warming up my face. Even odder. I then touch the racks with my bare hands, and conclude that the inside of the oven is NOT actually 350º. I thought I was being a dumbass and somehow turned off the oven when I turned on the timer. So I did the whole thing over again. 30 minutes later, by which time Andrew had come home, I went back. No cooked meatloaf. Crap. Meatloaf went into the fridge.

We called the management company to see if maybe they had shut off the main gas line into our building. Usually whenever they have to do any work they give us a few days notice, and we hadn't seen any fliers. But we called anyway, because we were hoping they just forgot. Nope, they haven't touched anything. So we call Bay State Gas. (we were hoping we hadn't paid them in awhile, and they turned off our gas, but no such luck. We're paid up). They said they'll send someone out within an hour. So I trot off to D&E to get subs for dinner (silver lining to the gas mess - take out for dinner!) and Andrew waits at home. Two and a half hours later the gas man arrives (he said he was caught up in a gas leak in Brockton. I think he was watching the Sox). He and Andrew fiddle wit some things knock on people's doors and do their manly gas man thing (okay, so the gas man was doing his manly gas man thing, Andrew was wandering about). Final story? I have no idea what the technical terms are, but some ball that is supposed to be on the inside of the building is on the outside of the building and it melted, limiting the gas to all the units inside. Apparently we were the only ones to try to use our stove today, because no one else called the gas company. So thanks to Andrew calling Bay State Gas and having them come out here, all our neighbors can use their stove tomorrow.

They should all thank Andrew with a nice bottle of wine, beccause I went to Crate and Barrel today and replaced our wine glasses, since we were down to 1. Yeah, we break a lot of wine glasses.

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Bree said...

I was prepared to give Andrew props, but I had higher expectations. Anyone can dial a phone (Aaron included.) I thought he fixed what the gas man couldn't. THEN I would be impressed. And quite possibly request his services on the two right burners on my stove...