Wednesday, July 16, 2008

do my eyes deceive me?

A few days ago I was driving to meet Andrew at work and I happened to be stopped at a red light. Two motorcycles were next to me. I don't claim to know a lot about motorcycles, but my driving instructor way back in the day had one and he taught us some basic safety techniques about them. The first being what to wear on a motorcycle. He strongly emphasized leather jackets, full pants, boots, and a full helmet. Then he described what road rash is and how painful it can be. All of what he said made complete sense to me, and if I ever have the chance to be on a motorcycle, I will probably heed his words of wisdom. I might not don the leather in the heat of the summer, but you can bet your booty that I would have pants and some sort of long sleeved shirt on. With nice, sturdy footwear.

Most motorcyclers I have seen have a good amount of protective gear on. Sure you see the guys with the helmet that is barely there and will do nothing to protect the brain should the wearer get into an accident, and the T-shirt and shorts guys, but in general I think people are pretty smart about it.

Then I saw the girl on the motorcycle next to me. Had I not been belted onto it, I would have fallen out of my seat.

She had the barely there helmet on. From that point down, it got worse.

Picture the scene: a spaghetti strap sundress. That did NOT cover her legs while she was sitting on the motorcycle. (she was a passenger). I know what color underoos she was wearing that day. Cheap plastic-looking flip flops. And that is it for clothing.

You might be shocked to read this part..... she was texting. On the back of a motorcycle. As it was moving.

Some people do not use the brains God gave them. Some people are dumber than that. She falls into the second category.

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