Tuesday, February 20, 2007




okay. scream over. But my fury is only beginning. I can feel it in my shoulders working it's way down my body.... ohhh..... I'm so mad I can't even see straight and I want to sceam and yell and throw things, but I can't. I can't yell about it, I don't have anything to throw, and I can't even vent about it as I really have no idea who reads this blog. Though I am almost positive the "person" that my fury is directed at won't be reading it. BUT I STILL WANT TO SCREAM

Oh, and now Deval is paying the difference between the Caddy and the Chrysler. I guess it's better than nothing, you Dumb Ass Piece of Shit. Now what are you going to do about your wife's PUBLICLY FUNDED $72K A YEAR AIDE and your tendency to take the fucking helocopter everywhere? Um.... you weren't elected to spend our taxes on your wife. She's a partner at Ropes and Gray.... that doesn't take enough of her time? I'd rather not have her act as First Lady at all. I applaud her decision to keep her job and do what she wants. That's fantastic for her. But don't ask me to pay for her aide because she can't handle both. Pick one, Mrs. Dumb Ass Piece of Shit. My tax dollars are not at your disposal. You make enough money.... you don't need mine.

I hate Deval. I said during the elections he spends out of control.... and yeah, I was right.

Though at this point I would take him over THAT PERSON

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