Thursday, September 14, 2006

I am so bored. I have watched about 7 episodes of Grey's Anatomy in the past 24 hours. I can't watch anymore because I'm a little sick of watching TV. I'm bored and don't want to do my homework. So here I am up, updating my blog for all the world to read and catch up on my extremely interesting life. So here is what is new with my extremely interesting life:


Yeah, there is nothing new with me. I got my social security card back and went to the RMV this morning. I officially have three last names. Beat that! I bet you only have one. I have three. Therefore I am better than you. :) Or something like that.

This is the part of the show when I post random pictures and then comment about them.

This is a picture of me after 6 hours of shoveling during the Blizzard of 2005 - remember the huge storm in which we got more snow than the Blizzard of 78. Only we had the added joy of knowing it was coming. Note I still lived in Quincy. My office was 4.5 miles away from my house. It took me 45 minutes to get to work the next day. It sucked.

This is a picure of the view of one of the ski lifts at Pats Peak. It's extremely pretty, although somewhat depressing because this picture was probably taken around 4pm. And Pat's Peak is so small, that even Andrew and I, who are not great skiers get bored with it quickly. But a pretty picture nonetheless

This is Katie cornering the market on Retard Bowling. Enough said.

This is one hell of a good drink. This was at the beach restaurant in Aruba, called Waves. They had happy hour from 4-7. Buy one, get one half price. Or free. I can't remember. We had too many. Everyone should to go to the Marriott in Aruba. It was so fantastic. And you'll get incredibly yummy drinks. Plus the 90 degree weather with NO HUMIDITY. It's great.

Yeah. I watched a lot of that show today

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Mo said...

I love love love that show...but that's a LOT to watch in one day. Personally...I couldn't take that much Meredith in one sitting!! You should get an award!!